Thursday, November 03, 2005

cleaves deviation

so i started working on my version of a shrug, taking into consideration the knit "hug" pattern from and "cleaves" from also, YOU should take into consideration that this is my first knitting project. :) it's kind of slow going but i'm about halfway through it. i've got one whole arm piece already though that i need to eventually sew together because i didn't want to try circulars my first time out of the gate! for the pattern, i stopped at the first set of increases for cleaves and i'm just using the hug pattern as a basis for measurement, since the gauge size is similar. unfortunately, i only have photos from some of the beginning stuff.

i'm using joann's sensations angel hair in turquiose and i love it! it's a little slippery just because it's so soft but the softness is unbelievable. people come up to me in the residence hall and ask what i'm making and i tell them what it is, then tell them to feel it. i always get, "oh my god, that feels so good!" :) everytime i take a step back, look at it and feel it, i squeal with excitment because i know i'll love wearing it.

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