Tuesday, May 16, 2006

long time gone

so... it's definitely may. i've been keeping crafty, i just don't have pictures to show for it... :)
i made a hat and scarf set for jessica, a fellow jeffie, and i'm in the process of completing the scarf for another set for amanda, a former jeffie. i finished the cleaves deviated shrug in turquoise and made another one in homespun's prarie. oh! and i made a panta! super-exciting.
i'll post photos when i get 'em... meaning after my room is sufficiently clean enough to have pictures taken within it. this could be a long time.... :)

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Amanda said...

I found you! I'm moving my blog to a different URL and using the old URL for my writing portfolio. The new one is at cuspofnormal.blogspot.com.

When are you coming to visit me?? I am finally all settled in and the place looks adorable. Our new couch is being delivered this weekend. It'll be perfect for lovely house guests such as yourself. Muah.