Thursday, March 01, 2007


i worked on a bunch of stuff for christmas but didn't take pictures of any of it. i'm still modifying a bolero for my mom, as you can see in my handy-dandy new status bar thingy. :) it's cute, i just wanted to make it better. i made a few hat-and-scarf sets for a few of my friends as well.
i feel like i'm in stagnant water right now though.... there are so many things that i want to sew but i feel too fat to make it to my current size. there are a bunch of things i'd like to knit and crochet but my room and where my stuff currently is in the basement is so incredibly chaotic that i just choose (or am forced by fatigue) to nap until dinnertime. maybe i'm not just in stagnant water... but i'm drowning in it.
one project i bought yarn for is a giant granny square afghan with the simply soft brites. my thoughts are to do four rows of each brite color and then a row or two of white... i'll see what looks the best when i start doing it... i'm thinking 4 and two would work nicely though. :)

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