Saturday, December 01, 2007

photos, or a lack thereof

i really need to get my computer reassembled. i haven't had it up and running since we had the guys in the house to replace the carpet, and i've been using my parents' laptop to stay semi-connected to everything. my main reason to get reconnected is so i can post photos of my wips and completed projects to put on ravelry. my page is so obviously neglected and it just looks way too bare. i could remedy this by switching to list mode, instead of image mode, in my profile but i would love to share all the beauteous things i have created. ;)
i'm also knitting like crazy on the pinwheel blanket. i'm nearly finished, having decided to knit the moss/seed stitch around the outside. a lovely fellow raveler gave me advice on how to increase on the outside, which helped tremendously, and got me jump-started to just finish it. i have a row-and-a-half to go and then i have a million miles to cast-off. wish me luck!

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