Sunday, April 27, 2008


i really haven't posted on here in a month? i suppose the initial intrigue of ravelry hasn't worn off yet... :)
i've been subbing a lot and working diligently on a few knitting projects... unfortunately, i misplaced my camera battery charger when my parents had all the carpet and hardwood flooring replaced in the house. it's probably in one of those i'm-going-to-put-it-here-so-it's-easy-to-remember places... but i haven't been able to remember yet. i do that to myself quite a bit though. the oxymoron of "organized chaos" is becoming much less appealing, especially as i'm attempting to pare down my belongings... both as a new start as i'm losing weight, and as a way to make moving out of my parents house much less difficult on myself.
one of my projects is the lovely little sheldon. i'm making him for the biology teacher who allowed me to take over her class for six weeks. she has a turtle tank in her room, so she obviously enjoys them. she also has a bunch of frog accessories, so maybe frogs are her favorite, but sheldon looked so cute that i had to make him for someone. :) he's my first knitted toy.
once i find my camera charger, i'll post more pics, but in the meantime, here's an early-on progress shot:

you begin knitting at his tail-end and work your way towards his head. the #3 dpns are quite small and began creating little sore spots on my hands, just due to the frequency at which i was knitting this project. he's so cute though, you just can't stop! i was leery about attempting the shell area, since i really haven't done any colorwork before. the pattern made it easy to carry up the color that wasn't being used on the side, which will be seamed later... so it doesn't matter how great it looks on the side.
sheldon is not nearly as difficult as i thought he would be. i'm glad that i started knitting him. i like challenging myself. :)
also, here are some completed photos of dizzy:

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