Monday, May 26, 2008

clutter has taken over....

... and now that the school year is winding down, it's time to reclaim my room. i would take photos to provide you with a wonderful "before & after" depiction of how bad my room looks and how good it will look when i'm done, but i'm too embarrassed to even show you a before picture of the mess in which i live....
i've been finishing a lot of knitting projects recently, seeing as how when i sub at the end of the year, my duties consist mainly of telling the students to work in their exam review packets. i enjoy when students and other staff members become curious about what i'm doing. amazing how knitting has the ability to open a conversation and provide you-learn-something-new-everyday moments.
i love teaching people about what i'm doing when i knit. they'll share some comments like, "wow, that's really cool!", "i don't have the patience for that," or "my mom/grandma does that." the first one i hear a lot if i'm working on a complicated-looking piece... or if i'm working on dpns -- the four needles throw them for a loop. :)
a new FO:

my second dizzy, for a friend.
caron simply soft in soft pink

i finished my mom's simple shrug as well, i just haven't taken any photos yet. :)

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