Sunday, May 02, 2010


i've been watching the 'hoarders'-type shows lately and have begun to feel quite a bit of empathy for the people on the show. i feel that i have gotten myself pretty deep into some excessive retail therapy and have much more stuff than i should.

the reason this blog is posted among my craft posts is that many of the women on the show are crafters. it's kind of funny... and unavoidable when you get yourself so involved in a craft, you accumulate a ton of stuff related to the craft. one who's involved in several crafts sometimes has the luxury of having a devoted craft room for their goods. i have no such luxury at the current time, which may explain my conundrum.

the vast majority of my craft stuff is at jenny's place. i have about five plastic bins of yarn and three plastic bins of fabric, give or take a few odds and ends that that aren't currently in bins. i'm working on projects and finishing projects but there is so much i still have to work on. this is the maximum that i can take.

i'm imposing a craft-buying ban on myself, starting now. nothing craft-related will be purchased to make any new crafts. no craft paraphernalia (spelled that right on the first try!) will be purchased unless it helps me finish a previously purchased project. this will help my wallet and my sanity.

there. it's in writing. hold me to it, would ya? :)

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