Monday, June 18, 2007

i'm the halfway queen, i suppose

lately i've had what i've recently dubbed ADPD: attention deficit project disorder. i enjoy starting all this stuff but i haven't had the concentration to see anything through to the end. i attribute this partly to the fact that i tend to drop a project when it becomes too big to carry around in my purse. :)
i've been pleasantly surprised at how the basketweave blanket and pinwheel blanket have been progressing. it's amazing when a project starts to form into something even more cool than i had originally imagined!
the basketweave blanket will match with a new bedspread/comforter that i'm going to put in my room once i clear out all of the relics and artifacts of my childhood... with the knitting and such, i'm clearly a huge procrastinator.... :) it's made from red heart symphony in earth brown and tlc essentials in surf. the pattern is free at the red heart site, i just substituted the tlc for red heart super saver. it's about 3'x3' right now.

the pinwheel baby blanket is just for fun because i liked the colors. it's pattern is here and it's made from bernat softee baby in candy baby. i'm also in the knitalong on craftster here. i will be the first one to tell you that i had some difficulty getting this one started but i think i'm doing pretty well, taking into consideration that this is my first project with dpns. i'm still on the first skein of yarn. we'll see how big it gets.

like the sock monkey sheets? ;)

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LEO said...

Hey Kristen, thanks for the nice comment on my pinwheel blanket! I just cast-off at the end and didn't do anything special, but that was just because I was in a monumental hurry to get it finished so I could give it to the expecting parents! I blocked the crap out of it and it didn't roll up or anything. Anyway, I think a border would be nice, though... Maybe something crocheted?