Sunday, July 01, 2007

mission: ufo annihilation

don't worry, little green guys in the sky... i'm speaking of the un-finished objects currently floating around my house. i figure it's high-time to finish something that i start and not have 20 projects at different stages hanging around my room, skewered by knitting needles and staring at me forlornly. :)
ok, i'm not crazy enough to think that my projects are projecting any feelings on me but i do feel extra cluttered when there are so many things that are half-baked around me.
i finished a scarf that was laying around and i finally gave suruchi the scarf and hat i made for her. it's put me in the mood.... next on the list is the striped blanket (almost done! on the last color!) and the other two blankets i've been working on.
yay for decluttering!

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