Friday, August 03, 2007

all wrong

so apparently i've been knitting and purling the wrong way. i didn't notice it too much until i started making a shrug with simply soft in mostly stockinette stitch. my knits looked twisted as a result of how i worked my purls. i did some researching and found out what i had been doing was combination-style purls and continental-style knits. it didn't bug me until this project, mainly because the only other stuff i really do in stockinette is bulky, fuzzy yarn stuff, so it doesn't matter too much.
anyway, i'd like to change this so that i would be working the knits and purls in the same style. after attempting to learn to purl continentally, i think it will be easier for my hands to learn how to knit combinationally (what? lol).
not too interesting of a post but it was eye-opening for me. :)

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