Monday, December 08, 2008

it's about time!

truly, it is. :)

i've been thinking a lot lately... which is scary... and yes, i've been thinking but not quite blogging until now.

i think it's kind of funny that a person might form analogies towards life based on the line of work he or she does, or hobbies that he or she may have. i've noticed this in a couple knitting blogs and i've caught myself thinking this way as well. i don't know, maybe it's just the patience and tenacity that one develops when knitting... and by now means is knitting considered an "extreme sport" or anything... but when you're knee-deep in a lace pattern on #2s, you might feel that way. :)

anyway... my thought was this, silly as it may seem: life is like a knitting pattern (or crochet pattern, if you will). sometimes you get the easiest pattern with a large section of stockinette or garter... it's great but it bores you to tears. :) then you come across a difficult portion where you have to give your full concentration, and you may be completely daunted by the pattern. this is the point where you take it line by line, reading carefully and breaking down the pattern one step at a time. when this is done, the item grows beautifully and when you reach the end of the pattern, you are excited that you made it through and you have a physical representation of your hard work and maybe a new skill you didn't have before.

while it is fun to strike a new path and create or modify pattern, i'm continually amazed at what happens when i simply follow the directions. :)

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Mermanda said...

Well said, my dear. Well said!

I'll email you this week about possible weekends for your visit.