Sunday, January 11, 2009

yarn cakes

first off, i'm writing this blog on my new laptop. woo hoo! my very own laptop! it is the new millenium, you know... even if it is about a decade old already. :)

last weekend when my sister was home, i taught her some very basic steps about how to knit and crochet. she found knitting a bit easier, so we're going to progress with that next time she's home. i think what inspired her was the huge, fluffy blanket that i knitted for her for christmas. it was pretty cool. i also think that after six years of watching me crochet and seeing the projects i've made, she's at least a little curious. :)

i finally purchased a yarn winder. the alpaca yarn that started it all is pictured below:
i had it wound at knit on in bellevue, ky. i thought that the patterns on the side made it look so cool. the shape makes the yarn easier to stack too. i immediately wanted my own winder. :)

here's a picture of my spoils from this weekend... i went a little crazy with it:

here is a before and after of some joann's sensations stellina yarn. it doesn't stay together very well, so the yarn is much better off in a cake. :)

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Mermanda said...

Welcome back to the blog world, love!

Yummy yarn cakes ;)