Saturday, August 22, 2009

letter to my shawl

dear shawl,

we need to take a break... this doesn't mean that the chance for reconciliation is gone... it just means that i'd like to see other projects. i need something easy, quick, and fulfilling right now, and you were just becoming too much of a struggle and too complicated. the charts that i could follow but could never get the proper stitch count made me feel like i couldn't do anything right.

i must admit something to you: i had a one-night stand with a tan hat during trivia night this week... and i'm spending the weekend with a striped hat right now. they don't expect any more from me than some ribbing, some increasing, and a whole lot of stockinette. it's comfortable and familiar... and i need the satisfaction of a fast project -- something you can't give me.

i'll pick you up again sometime soon. hopefully this will give us both some time to rest and reflect on the mistakes of the past.

yours truly,

i always fall for those intricate, lacy projects because they're beautiful and they need to be understood... too bad that they have the propensity to be such a pain in the butt...

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