Wednesday, November 25, 2009

thanksgiving prep

i hadn't originally intended this blog to include my timid forays into cooking, but with Thanksgiving approaching, i'd say it's appropriate. no, not just appropriate, obligatory. (ooh, vocab, ooh!)
i've wanted to try some new recipes that i've been scouting online, specifically one for brie-stuffed mushrooms and one for an apple-y spice cake with bailey's caramel icing.... becoming my little creation of 'drunken caramel apple cupcakes.' i tried making drunken green velvet cupcakes for st. patty's day and they were a hit. i felt that i must try to make other alcohol-infused desserts.... ;)

i shopped for my ingredients today and didn't end up spending too much. let me just get it out of the way: i love aldi and i'm not too proud to admit it. i bought a turkey roast for $9.99, which i know tastes amazing when butter and seasoned salt are drizzled and sprinkle over it while baking. mmm, i'm drooling already... i realized a couple weeks ago that i rock at making corn casseroles, so that's definitely on the menu as well. i found some sparkling apple cider at aldi, which i love, for about $1.99 a bottle. and the caramel bailey's? i bought the aldi brand for $8.99. yay!

i had to go to meijer to get the parsley and i ended up also getting the mushrooms there. i probably should have just got them when i was at aldi but i wanted to check the selection at meijer. they look like they'll work though, so that's all that matters.

the girls are bringing over some thanksgiving basics as well, so we'll definitely have a good variety of stuff. i'm so excited!

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