Sunday, August 15, 2010

feeling productive

this past week, i started and finished shalom as well as cut the pattern pieces and fabric for a dress. i've had the fabric sitting around and have had the concept in my head for quite awhile. when my friend invited our group to a 'formals and 40's' party, it was the perfect opportunity for me to be creative. view 'c' of this pattern.

sidenote: i contemplated wearing my senior prom dress that i also sewed (and that still fit!), but i didn't know if i want to look like a purple princess when i could look a bit more classy and adult-like... ;)

second sidenote: there's nothing but glorified shirts passing themselves off as dresses and matronly jumper-things in the 'special occasion' sections of stores right now... i would think with homecoming occurring not too long after the school-year started, they'd at least have something. can i please just have a happy medium? i'm in style-purgatory here, people!

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