Thursday, August 19, 2010

almost there

i'm so excited about the progress being made on the dress!

i finally have my dressform at mickey's so i've been able to pin and adjust it better than if i was altering the dress while wearing it... which would probably not be smart.

i made it in a silky fabric that i've had forever. i've had the concept for the dress in my head for awhile too, so i'm just glad to bring it to life. it's butterick 5182 in view "c". i made it in a size 20 for the bottom (that old sizing is going to give me a complex, not gonna lie), and 20 for the top, but i found that i don't quite need that much room "up top." the waist turned out to be quite big as well... i needed the largest size on the pattern due to my hips.

as you can see from the photos, i've only fitted the bodice portion of the dress so far. this is why it looks rather wonky from the waist down. since it's bias-cut, i'm not quite sure how to take it in. it probably won't matter too much, i'm just thinking that maybe if i have it dip in a bit at the small of my back, maybe i can compensate a bit for my derriere... although, if it's bias-cut, it'll probably hug my curves naturally... anyway... i'll figure it out soon. have to -- party's on saturday! :)

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