Friday, December 31, 2010

nerdy knitting

it's no secret. i'm a total nerd. i take great pleasure in being a nerd. determining how things work fascinates me. i'm incredibly easily amused, so i'm almost never bored. i love learning new things and absorbing as much information as possible. it's no surprise that this aspect of my life carries over to my knitting.

lately, i haven't had too much time to knit. it's a good problem to have though, because i'm either grading papers (yay, teaching position!) or playing with alfie (yay, puppy!). when attempting to knit, the latter of the two is either paw-ing my arm to play, or is asleep in my lap.... like he is at the moment.

my 'superman ice cream' baby blanket
my concept for a new project: constellation blanket. i'd like to use the pinwheel blanket (pictured at right) as my pattern. i have five skeins of dark blue cascade 220 that i purchased at the yarns & fabrications closing sale, just because i liked the color. (see how far that got me? story of my yarn stash... :)) i also have some glow-in-the-dark yarn that i could duplicate-stitch on top of the finished blanket to create stars and/or galaxies. i think it's a pretty cool idea, but maybe it's just the nerd in me.

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CallMeCaptain said...

I nerd that has a craft blog named after a line from a Beast Boys song. That is AWESOME!