Friday, January 21, 2011


shh! alfie thinks he's helping. :)
i finished a project in two days! and it was a blanket at that! okay, so it was due to two consecutive snow days from school... but that doesn't negate the awesomeness of the project.

i purchased two soft, slightly-fluffy fabrics for the blanket -- a zebra print, and a solid black with tone-on-tone skull and crossbones. i was just tired of looking at one of the bolts of fabric sitting in the corner of my room. it had been there too long and i really wanted to just sew the frakking blanket already... i cleaned the floor of my room so that i had space to work, and the project took off from there.

i used my serger to sew the two pieces together while they were inside-out, and my sewing machine to top-stitch while the blanket was right-side-out. i had to create a blind seam / slip stitch for the area where i turned the fabric right-side-out. my hand-sewing skills for that part were a bit lacking, but i think i had a pretty good learning curve once i got into the groove. see? :)

anyway, it's far from perfect, but i'm so glad that i finished it -- now i get to snuggle under it and enjoy it!

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