Sunday, January 01, 2012

Mission: UFO Annihilation

With a new year comes thoughts of new craft projects, but what happens to those projects that have been languishing in the dark for the past year, possibly even longer? Interweave Knits has a plan to rid knitters of those useless-till-finished piles of yarn: this is the year to finish all unfinished objects (UFOs) before starting new projects. It's like a diet of sorts, using self-control to finish what you've already started before diving into other projects, but it's not totally unmanageable.

I have a grand total of 20 (!) projects that are unfinished though. Holy cow! Many of the projects fell by the wayside either due to them getting too big to be portable... or due to me getting bored with the pattern and wanting to start something shiny and new. :)  I also have a few more projects that just need to be blocked, though I'm kind of scared to block them for fear of frakking them up.

Projects I'd like to finish:

  1. Texturized Tweed Coat
  2. Striped Thigh Highs
  3. Trumpet Skirt
  4. Star Chart Blanket
  5. Nessie
  6. Mon Petit Chou
  7. Cardigan for Mom
  8. Rumor Blanket
  9. Knitted Rainbow - may use a slightly different pattern
  10. Basketweave Blanket - want to add some strips on the edge to make it bigger

Projects to frog/that I'm not sure about finishing:

  1. Pogona
  2. Tuesday Night SW Hat
  3. Fat Bottom Bag
  4. Bunny Slippers

Projects that need blocking:

  1. Swirled Pearl Shawlette
  2. Gail Shawl
  3. Vine Lace Shawl

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Makoto Ichijoji said...

I'm pretty amazed by the shear volume of projects you've finished, much less started. O.o You must knit super fast too boot!